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npo Dec 23, 2021

Dr. Saoriの主導の元でNPO法人が立ち上がりました。日系人や軍人スパウスを含めた対象者にハウジング(現在フロリダ州のみ)のサポートから異文化トレーニングやコンサルまでを含めた活動を展開していきます。なお、ウェブサイトは現在準備中ですので、2022年度に改めてご紹介させて頂きます。

Based on the Abraham Maslow Hierarchy Model, we focus on helping people meet their Security/Safety and Social Needs:

1. We provide temporary shared community and transitional housing accommodations to individuals who are (1) recovering from drug addiction and substance use disorder, (2) receiving medically assisted treatment, or (3) housing insecurities.
    * We accommodate Japanese and English speakers.
2. We primarily help women meet unique needs arising from cultural or language barriers.
    * Currently, we focus on assisting Japanese women with a US military affiliation.
3. We educate people to be culturally informed decision-makers by raising awareness and understanding of US culture and its structures.

Moving toward self-actualization with a peaceful and fulfilling international family life