Mon – Fri: 9a - 5p


Embrace the present moment through breathing exercises. Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace. Mindfulness is also taught. This is for 1 - 1 sessions, and we also offer workshops on basic meditation techniques! Whether you are an athlete or business person, you can benefit from having a daily meditation practice in your profession or other aspects of your life. You can register now for or inquire about our workshops.


Mindset Training

Mon – Fri: 9a - 5p

Mindset training is for those who want to improve their mental skills. You can expect to improve your concentration, build more confidence in yourself, and much more. More details to follow shortly!

Key words: Golf psychology, Sport psychology, Performance enhancement


Mon – Fri: 11a - 5p

Hypnotherapy can help with athletes or anyone who wants to improve his/her performance, such as playing golf better or handling anxiety better under pressure. Hypnotherapy can be part of Mindset Training or as a stand-alone therapeutic modality; it can be used to help with weight issues, eating behavior, smoking cessation, chronic pain management, or any goals one wants to achieve!